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Bình lấy mẫu xăng dầu trong xe bồn KOEHLER weighted beaker

(1 đánh giá)

Koehler - Hoa Kì

12 tháng

HSX: Koelher - Hoa Kỳ

Capacity 32 oz. (946mL)

Choice of 3⁄4" or 11⁄2" (19 or 38mm) opening



Hotline: 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

Weighted Beaker - Bình lấy mẫu

For beaker sampling from tank cars, tank trucks, shore tanks, ship tanks and barge tanks. Copper or stainless steel construction with weighted bottom. Includes handle and chained cork. Takes all level samples, running samples, and top, upper, middle, lower and outlet samples. Select 3⁄4" (19mm) opening for light crude oils, light lubricating oils, kerosenes, gasolines, transparent gas oils, diesel fuels, and distillates, or 11⁄2" (38mm) for heavy crude and fuel oils, heavy lubricating oils and nontransparent gas oils. Shipping weight: 6 lbs (2.7kg).

Khả năng lấy : 32 oz. (946mL) mẫu
Chọn độ mở miệng :  3⁄4" hoặc 11⁄2" (19 hoặc 38mm) 

Catalog No.    Product Name
K27600    Weighted Copper Beaker, with 3⁄4" opening
K27601    Weighted Stainless Steel Beaker, with 3⁄4" opening
K27610    Weighted Copper Beaker, with 11⁄2" opening


Bình lấy mẫu xăng dầu Weighted Beaker


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