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Điện cực pH i-Aquatrode Plus Pt1000

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Metrohm Thụy Sỹ

NSX: Metrohm Thụy Sỹ

PN: 60277300

Điện cực i-Aquatrode Plus Pt1000 đo pH, chuẩn độ axit bazo môi trường nước.


Hotline: 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

iAquatrode Plus with Pt1000


Intelligent, combined pH electrode with integrated memory chip for storing sensor data and with Pt1000 temperature sensor for pH measurements/titrations in ion-deficient aqueous media (e.g., drinking water, process water). This electrode shows a very short response time in these samples.

The fixed ground-joint diaphragm is insensitive to contamination.
When c(KCl) = 3 mol/L is used as bridge electrolyte, storage in storage solution is recommended.
The bridge electrolyte can be easily replaced with a chloride-free electrolyte (e.g., potassium nitrate c(KNO3) = 1 mol/L (6.2310.010)). Storage in the used bridge electrolyte.
iTrodes can be connected to Titrando, Ti-Touch, or 913/914 meters.

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