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Ống chuẩn AgNO3 0.0282M

(1 đánh giá)


Reagecon - Ireland

Reagecon Silver Nitrate Concentrated Volumetric Solution Ampoule to make 1L of 0.0282M (0.0282N) Silver Nitrate

Dùng pha 1 L AgNO3 có nồng độ 0.0282 M trong chuẩn độ kết tủa.

Hotline: 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

Dung dịch chuẩn AgNO3

Reagecon's Silver Nitrate Concentrated Volumetric Solution, Ampoule to make 1L of 0.0282M (0.0282N) Silver Nitrate is a fully factorised, high purity, stable product, developed and tested for titrations.  This Analytical Volumetric Solution, is also called titrant, standard titrant or standard solution. It is a reagent of known concentration, that is dispensed from a burette or other dispensing apparatus to a sample (analyte), until a reaction between the two liquids is judged to be complete.  The product may be used for manual titrations, or more commonly automatic titrations, to determine the end points by detection of any of several properties.  When the product is accurately diluted to one litre in a volumetric flask, it can then be used as an Analytical Volumetric Solution, to a specification of ± 0.2%.

Pack Size    1 Ampoule
Weight    0.12
Weight Unit    Kg
Tariff Code    3822 0000
Country of Origin    Ireland

Cách pha: 1 ống pha thành 1 Lít ; nồng độ 0.0282M (0.0282N)

Chính xác: 0.2%

PP chuẩn độ kết tủa.

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